Rosalie Trail

November 23rd 2012

Rosalie Trail – Park County, CO – 10,472 ft (3,192 m)

Heady Topper – Double IPA – 8% ABV

GPS Track

Black Friday. On a day that is famous for crowds and malls I just wanted to get away. From everything. No summit today, didn’t want to share it with anyone. Knowing that this trail intersected with Tanglewood I figured I would check it out. After a little bit of elevation gain it flattens out and is just a nice walk through the woods.

Eventually I came upon a nice clearing and it seemed like the perfect place to stop. I found a comfy rock, cracked my beer, and just listened to nothing. The sun was directly on me which was warming enough to be very peaceful. I probably sat there for an hour. It was one of the more relaxing things I have ever done.

It was time to head back at some point and the dog and I started on the trail. Before long I heard a rustling in the brush not 20 yards ahead. It sounded bigger than a typical bird or squirrel. Of course my dog ran ahead to it, and just then I saw it – it was a skunk. I could only watch as it sprayed my dog RIGHT in the face. Instant burning rubber smell. Poor girl couldn’t even open her eye for a few minutes as it must of got some spray in it. And of course we are 3 miles from the car – and then an hour+ ride home. That was a smelly car for a while.

The beer: Heady Topper. One of the best rated beers in the world. And one of the very few that I find live up to the hype. This is bar none the best IPA I have ever had. So well balanced with wonderful hop and malt profiles. I just wish it was easier to get. If you ever get a chance to pick some up, do it!


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