Hells Hole

December 16th 2012

Hells Hole – Clear Creek County, CO – 11,416 ft (3,480 m)

Sun King/Oskar Blues Chaka – Belgian Strong Pale – 8% ABV

GPS Track

Hells Hole is a great little hike near Mt Evans. This was the first real hike I went on while trying to get back into shape a few years ago. For that it will always be special for me. There really is no end point to the trail as it just tappers off into a meadow surrounded by peaks.

With winter here and neither the wife or myself having any avy training we decided to not go big and pick this simple trail. It was a wonderful hike with anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow along the whole route. The wind was mostly blocked the whole way, which we realized was nice one we got to the open meadow at the top. It was gusting up there like crazy. I am liking this idea of staying below tree line in the cold months…

Aluminum bottles are for mass made light beers, right? Not any more. Go figure it would be Oskar Blues to be the first to put a craft brew in one. Solid brew and I really enjoyed it.


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